14.June Saturday 17.00 - performance of Monochrome Circus (japan)

18.00 saturday - opening of the installations on the move of Borealis and party (participants Tampere Polytechnic School and Media, students from AVU,FaVU,Usti nad Labem, Bratislava, Kosice, Novi Sad.. performance

LAILA VOSS - performance and sound installation of american female artist currently in rezidence Jeleni

15. June Sunday - visit to Prague Quadrienale
and participation of broadcasting of radio jeleni. in collboration with Standa Miler.

16. June: 14.00 strategical meeting in jeleni:
discussion about strategies for mapping and travelling in certain areas of Praha, Brno, Kladno, Usti nad Labem, Jihlava..

evening 19.00: concert and acustic workshop of Philip Dadson (New Zeeland) - screening from Antarctica Dry Valleys.

18. June - A expedition to industrial area of steelworks Konev and Poldi Kladno. local situation, history and industrial archeology.
or B.expedition to prokopske valey - natural reservation in Prague.

19. Juine - participation on Students Forum 2000 in Narodnim muzeu NGO Market. porada studentske forum 2000,

or something else

20 . 22 June - expediton to Brno - cooperation with Universal City (project leader: David Miller)
possible cooperation with studio Vladimir Merta, Richard Fajnor) visit to Mendel Museum Brno.
on the way back visit to festival in Jihlava

24. June - expedition to v industrial town in northern bohemia Usti na Labem, lektor Stepanka Simlova and her students

back morning 25. cervna - gathering and collection of results and design of webside and poster campagne

evening program:
19.00 SOCIAL IMPACT-Social Impact, founded in 1997, deals primarily with areas of social tensions and the socio-political conflicts behind them. The most recent projects addresses the spatial, social and economic frames of action of marginal groups.
The working methods are derived from art and action research. We distinguish projects with sociological parts and interactions and research. To illustrate the different approaches and methods I will talk about the following projects: "On the Situation of Illegal Alien Cleaning Women" included a sociological research and the publication and distribution of a multilingual "survival guide" (access to medical help, care facilities, protection from trafficking, ...)
"Dead_House_Walking" was based on the preparation of remembrance-photos for the residents and setting up a communication exchange, to enable the residents to better represent their interests to the owners of the building.
"border rescue" uses activism to bring the increasing numbers of death at the european borders into the public. Downloadables Routeguides of immigration routes are used as a tool to create attention for the problem.
Furhter I will talk about the work in progress:
"On the Situation of Sex-Workers at the Austrian-Czech Border"
"Moving-Truck Cinema / Jezevo Motel"
And some sentences about our concept of mediation "expansive audience". Social Impact always tries to communicate with the three different audience groups that are to be distinguished: the participants, the casual audience - which comes into contact with the art work or art process more or less by chance - and the art scene itself.