there is lot of documents and links on internet about cartography a decartography, you can check those and send more links.


mind the gap

Studio de recherche temps réel de l'Ensapc

The real time research studio at Ensapc continue the experimentation of
softwares and real time settings, for spatialization and in network.

College Invisible

The Invisible College, post-diploma of Marseille superior fine art school coordinated by Paul Devautour links by network young artists for one year. They set their own program and communicate by mailing-list, irc, and meet ponctually for seminaries.

Université Pirate

The Pirate University, a Vincent + Feria project, is a nomadic system and
sometimes untemporal, that takes several forms built in the immediacy with
on site elements. Debates and actions are organized. Inter-relationships
between specialists, scientists, artists, researchers, and public are
produced. All participants and visitors are invited to become actors for a
creative audience to take part to those meetings.